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Pakistani Designers, Fashion Designers Pakistan, Designer Boutiques. This page contains information of Pakistani fashion designers, boutiques and popular fashion brands fashion events models ramp Pakistan Fashion Week Karachi Lahore BCW AIFD Fashion Week Dubai Fashion Week

Pakistani Designers and Pakistani Fashion Boutiques

This page contains information of Pakistani fashion designers, boutiques and popular fashion brands.

Abdul Samad
Fashion designer Abdul Samad showcased his debut collection at Fashion Pakistan Week, which proved him as one of the most creative fashion designers in Pakistan [..view more about abdul samad]

Adnan Pardesi
Fashion designer Adnan Perdesy has enthralled fashionistas in a very short span of time with his creative imagination, and he surely knows how to transform that [..more]

Aeisha Varsey
Aisha Varsey is one of the outclass fashion designers of Pakistan, who is into this field for more than a decade now. Her talents are undoubtedly God gifted, she [..more]

Ahmad Bilal
Fashion designer, Ahmed Bilal creates absolutely gorgeous dresses in chiffon, satin and silk with abundance in ruffles, lace trim, sequins, and fancy beaded work. His breath-taking sarees [..more]

Ahsan Nazir
Ahsan Nazir is another creative name, emerging in the world of Pakistani fashion industry with his glamorous and eye catchy creations. ..more]

Aijazz Aslam
Aijazz Aslam runs a men's wear boutique in Pakistan. Aijazz is the lucky one to have started his business early enough, and nowadays he is doing good [..more]

Akif Mahmood
Extremely talented, the master of colors Akif Mahmood was discovered by Sehryr Saigol. Fashion designer Akif Mahmood graduated from Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design [..more]

Ali Xeeshan
Fashion designer Ali Zeeshan has also showcased his designed work at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week, in front of the whole Pakistani Fashion industry [..more]

Amina Yasmeen
“I don’t call myself a full-fledged designer as yet. But what I do is appreciated by my clients.” Mansoor commented that designer shirts should have [..more]

Amir Adnan
Despite it being a textile hub, fashion, style and glamour are not labels commonly associated with the industrial Punjab city of Faisalabad. [..more]

Ammar Belal
From the kings and Queens of Pakistan’s fashion realm to yet another charming prince. At first, one might argue that there is only a slight design factor incorporated in each garment [..more]

Amna Ajamal
Amna Ajmal’s bridal collection at Bridal Couture Week had mesmerizing color combinations, sensibly balanced and well contrasted, yet the designs failed to make an everlasting [..more]

Anum Siraj
Fashion designer Anam Siraj knows how to play with mixtures and fusions of modern and traditional. Her creations consist of traditional embroidery on modern silhouettes [..more]

Fashion house Arshamah’s recently opened its boutique in Pakistan with its dazzling collection of bridal and formal party wear creations for men and women both. [..more]

Asian Institute of Fashion Design - AIFD
AIFD has recently showcased their collected designed work at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week and proved itself as a Fashion institution. Some of the brilliant students [..more]

Asifa and Nabil
Asifa and Nabeel are two young designers with an indisputable flair for fashion. They together form a formidable team of eastern plus trendy [..more]

Asim Jofa
Asim Jofa is the certified Pakistani gem and jewelry designer who has comprehended most cotemporary trends in jewelry design and fabrication techniques from across the [..more]

Fashion brand Assiya is earning good name in designing sports wear, casual wear and particularly the Bridal wear. Besides the women’s wear Fashion brand Assiya is [..more]

Ather and Sabeen
Fashion label Ather & Sabeen, owned by the Fashion designers Ather Ali Hafeez and Sabeen Amer Ali, and is also communicating the language of Fashion incredibly. Ather Ali Hafeez [..more]

Ayesha F Hashwani
The Karachi based Fashion designer Ayesha F Hashwani is a hard working designer of the Pakistani Fashion industry and started her design career in 1998. Fashion designer Ayesha F Hashwani [..more]

Ayesha Kamil
Fashion Designer Ayesha is the fresh addition to the roster of Pakistani fashion designers, with her unique and youthful designs she has gained success in a short period of time [..more]

Aziz Ali
Designer Aziz Ali, got involve in fashion business couple of years backand designs for clients in USA, Canada, London, Dubai, Singapore and also caters to a great mass of clientele [..more]

Bunto Kazmi
There is a quiet dignity in the Kazmi household. On entering the residence/showroom, one feels transported to a modern Mughal atmosphere [..more]

Deepak Perwani
Deepak Perwani, designer, runs a men's boutique in Pakistan. As the fading century slips into the new millennium, his couture shows signs of staying [..more]

Faiza Sami
Faiza Samee believes Pakistani embroidery has interesting influences that range from the Chinese to the Turkish Enlarge. From designing jodas [..more]

Faraz Manan
Faraz Manan One of the most sought after names in Pakistan for couture, Bridal wear, Luxury pret Lawn. Faraz Manan has made a mark and impact [..more]

Hassan Shehryar Yasin
While Hassan Shehryar Yasin's (HSY) choreography always has an upbeat pace, not for him leisurely sashaying on the catwalk by the models. Never has this been [..more]

Jugaan - by Shazia Wajahat
Shazia Wajahat carried inborn gifted qualities from her father who had been doing his business in India. Before partition her father was interviewed by BBC [..more]

Kamiar Rokni's Karma
Karma is one of those lucky few who always knew what it is they wanted to do with their lives. "I knew I wanted to be a designer much before the PSFD had even [..more]

Kechoo's - by Jehangir
The label Kechoo's one of the best fresh fashion houses of Pakistan is a collection of art merged in eastern wear. The Fashion Designer Jahangir Khalid [..more]

Khaadi - Shamoon Sultan
The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. Except in the case of Shamoon Sultan - owner and chief designer of Khaadi creations [..more]

Khayaal began eight years ago by Durnave Chaudhri when an interest in fashion design was translated into a formal enterprise committed to reviving [..more]

Klash - by Kanwal Lashari
Klash is one label commonly known for the best formal line in town. The fashion designer Kanwal Lashari of Klash had groomed her skills at National College of Arts Lahore [..more]

Lajwanti by Afzal Ali & Ana Ali
Lajwanti primarily started as haut-e-couture high-end Bridal fashion house. Producing masterpiece Bridal, Formal and party wears on customer's demands. At present lajwanti [..more]

Maria B.
Maria Belal is an ambitious young Pakistani designer with vision. A graduate of the Pakistan School of Fashion Design, Maria launched her label ‘Maria B’ in Lahore [..more]

Memoona Manan
Memoona Mannan, the fashion house from Pakistan is very well-known for Memoona’s exquisitely embroidered ethnic bridal attire. But, Memoona’s son Faraz and daughter Sundas [..more]

Mohammad Mehdi
Mohammad Mehdi, a graduate of PSFD (affiliated with La Chambre Syndicate de la Couture parisienne, France) took up his passion for sculpture and pottery after completing his [..more]

Monia Farooqi
Aspiring artist turned fashion designer, Monia Farooqui has a whole new take on what to wear after hours… Just in time for the wedding season, Farooqui, whose collection was inspired [..more]

Musarrat Bushra
Musarrat Bushra started her professional career only one and half year back, and within this little duration she manages a number of clients in the Pakistan [..more]

Nabeel and Aqeel - Pakistani Designers
Five years after Wardrobe and following the triumphant opening of a Nabeel and Aqeel boutique in New York, the designer brothers Nabeel and Aqeel launched their new outlet in Lahore. [..more]

Naushin Haq
In the fashion industry of Pakistan Naushin struggles to manage herself as a niche designer. Her impeccable flair for designing led her to the conceptualisation of bridal [..more]

Nayna - by Saman Arif
Nayna is a privately owned company that designs, manufactures, and markets traditional Eastern fashion for the contemporary woman. [..more]

Nilofar Shahid
Nilofer Shahid, director of the fashion house Meeras, comes from a family of warriors, poets, writers and painters. One could say that she was almost [..more]

Nomi Ansari
In Pakistan, Nomi Ansari is a name that needs no introduction. Fairly new to the world of fashion, he is a graduate from Pakistan School of Fashion Designing (Class of 2001). [..more]

The word Reet means tradition. Although tradition may not seem to be a priority for the boutique that gave us denim shalwars and a line of day [..more]

Rizwan Baeyg
Rizwan Baeyg has been described in many flattering (and sometimes not so) terms. Rizwan Beyg is mindful of all influences in his life and fairly sensitive [..more]

Saadia Mirza
Saadia Mirza’s VIRTUES, the label, is boldly quixotic. Unique in its creations, the outfits are like costumes, defining individual women with a raw power of fascination, which is in all essence [..more]

Salman Malik
Conceived the idea for Aangan after seeing the derelict state of the traditional weaving industry in Punjab. Aangan's 'eco-friendly' cotton and khaddar outfits bear. [..more]

Samar Mehdi
Samar Mehdi's creations are an intelligent hybridisation of Asian elegance and Western decadence; of the traditional and modern. Samar uses mostly natural materials [..more]

Sobia Nazir
Sobia Nazir is young, enthusiastic, stylish and effervescent designer whose focus is to bring out her client's best features by giving them what [..more]

Taufiq Hussain
Taufiq Hussain, or the “Dream Merchant” as some choose to call him, has maintained accolades of consistency during his 14-year-old career. [..more]

Tazeen Hasan
"I design my cuts with people from real society in mind and not just models." says Tazeen Hasan, Contemporary Pakistani Designer. We should not [..more]

Umer Sayeed
His specialty has always been brightly coloured bridal and formal wear with a touch of magical vividness. Even his taste in real life is heavily influenced by vibrant colours. [..more]

Zain Mustafa
Zain Mustafa's philosophy of Design is different, definitive and daring. He steering away from the ornate adornment that local [..more]