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Welcome to High-end Bargello Wholesale!

Bargello has an established manufacturing setup based in Karachi, Pakistan. We are one of a few quality manufacturers and wholesalers to sell a wide range of women and men's fashions. We have built a reputation for supplying high quality garments and jewellery at competitive prices throughout the world.

Unique Business Model
Our wholesale model is unique. We do not sell clearance goods or readymade garments. In fact, every wholesale order is manufactured as per your specifications. You can order different sizes, colours and even suggest custom modification to your wholesale order. Through our extensive manufacturing setup, we may be able to satisfy specific item requirements as well.

Bargello welcomes bulk purchase enquiries from both the domestic market and abroad. Minimum order quantities are typically 4 items per design (size and colour options available, except for bridals). Please do not hesitate to discuss our prepaid account model if having low requirements at the moment.

Prepaid Account
An incentive programme tailored to fit your needs.

We are pleased to offer businesses the advantage of a prepaid account. By placing funds in a prepaid account you will be able to purchase goods at reduced prices by use of a user name and password.

We dispatch all orders via FedEx and DHL which are having the best delivery performance scores. Every order will be subject to a reasonable delivery charge.

Please know that it is company policy that all goods are paid for in full before they are sent.

We would appreciate if you could let us know more about your organisation and items you are dealing in and some more details of your interest and requirements.



Payment Options