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Effectively managing a dynamic portfolio of designers requires a single solution that allows you to streamline your efforts while maintaining personalized relationships. Bargello.com is that solution.

From lead generation to acquisition to retention, we have the tools you need to drive high-volume results for your business. Our solutions – including web, e-commerce, branding, advertising, search engine promotion, affiliate advertising and marketing enable you to create a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing plan via a single trusted partner.

Remember, there are thousand of consumers who visit Bargello.com every day looking for fashion and lifestyle products. These people come from several media campaigns on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Lycos, MSN, AOL etc. And portals like Mag4you.com and Singles-bar.com.


Number of Products
It refers to quantity of items/products that you can display on Bargello. Additional fee applies if required to any changes required for instance remove or replace any item.

Product Management System
A management system that lets you manages your products. Add update, delete, change descriptions and prices. Add discount offers and have control over images of your products.

Your own domain and Bargello home
A domain name will be setup which will load your products home page showing categories, promotional offers and announcement of new products added under your label. Print it on your stationary or business cards and your visitors landed on your own product home page on Bargello.

Banners Display through Network sites
This refers to number of banners will be displayed on the network sites such as Mag4you.com (over 9.5 million unique visitors every month and 4 million page views every day), Singles-bar.com & Shadi-online.com (Over 3 million members visit the site every day to find their match online), Links-search.com (Web directory with 15,000 unique visitors a day) and other network sites that we sign up in future.

Search Engine Marketing
Your label and products will be promoted on search engines like Yahoo, Google and our own optimized pages on search engines. This will help you drawing more visitors to your products page and get found by thousands of prospective buyers.

Shared Marketing
Your label and products will be promoted through Bargello’s advertising campaigns most frequently running on search engines, network websites, email marketing and newsletters, fashion shows and events, trade shows, affiliate marketing, advertising on media, advertorials and promotional campaigns and offers.

Email Marketing
Your label and products will be promoted in email marketing campaigns. Usually, emails are sent to our current customers, Mag4you.com members, Singles’ bar and Shadi online members. However, we sometimes buy email marketing campaigns from other international buyers through our Media buying company ZeenNet.com.

Promotion on Media
Your shared label under Bargello will be promoted on other Media like TV and Newspaper. Our research and marketing company will examine products and will choose the right media to promote on.

Promotion in Fashion Shows/Events
Your label and products will be displayed in fashion shoes and events going on throughout the year.

Label’s Affiliate Marketing
We have got a winning affiliate program for Bargello. Hundreds of our affiliate partners promote our website and products every day through their own efforts and they get paid commission when a sale is generated. Your label and products will be promoted separately through these affiliate partners throughout the year.

Designer’s Biography Website
Your biography website will be created in Flash containing information about you, your label, news, shows, awards and education.

Promotional through advertorials
Advertorials will be written and placed on our network sites as well as some newspaper (optional). This is to give awareness about your label and products as well as happenings information about your label.

Designer’s Profile on Bargello
Your profile will be added on Bargello under “designers” page so that our customers can have brief information about you and your label.


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