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Tarun Thiliani - Indian Designer

Tarun started his professional career in management, with a degree from the Wharton School of Business. In 1987 he conceived of starting a world-class fashion store in Mumbai that would house up-market designer clothing. Tarun and his wife Sailaja chose a handful of talented young, undiscovered designers, which led to the birth of Ensemble, and along with it a revolution that would change the face of the fashion industry. Tarun`s own design career also had its inception in the birth of Ensemble. Although he had the flair he honed his technical knowledge in design by qualifying for an associate degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

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After the tremendous success of his first solo show "The Rubaiyat" in September 1994 at the Dorchester in London, he has continued to present exclusive, well attended and highly publicized shows in major cities all over the world. Style, craftsmanship, quality and refinement are the defining symbols of Tarun`s garments. His collections attempt to rejuvenate ideas towards a renewal for contemporary Indian life. A wide spectrum of silhouettes and styles complement his trademark drapes and subtlety. Today, Tarun, the master of drape, is one of the most sought after and successful fashion designers in the country whose clients cover a domestic and international arena.

Recently, Ensemble inaugurated a boutique in New Delhi. Tarun Tahiliani`s first store within a store` at Ambawata, Mehrauli has an attached couture salon where bridal and occasion wear will be designed and fitted in consultation with clients. Menswear and home-furnishings are also retailed from this outlet.


Tarun Tahiliani Indian Fashion Designer Haute Couture, Bridal, Wedding
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