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Aparna Chandra - Indian Designer

Aparna is a 1992 batch fashion design graduate of National Institute of Fashion Technology. She is one of India`s most promising & talented fashion designers working in the business today, with her own label retailing through a number of prestigious fashion outlets in the country. While studying fashion designing at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, she was selected by the Late Rohit Khosla, who pioneered fashion in India, to intern with him. After graduating in 1992, she launched the `Apama Chandra` label. Since then she has integrated her influences and fine-tuned her vision, and today her signature style combines classic elegance and contemporary flare.

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Unaffected and understated, sexy but never vulgar, with flawless cuts and an obsessive attention to detail her clothes today mirror her personality and stand distinctively apart from the me-too-breed of designers who have inundated the fashion market. Aparna`s highly individualistic fashion sensibility is well renounced. Very young and hip, her designs are simple, sensual and minimalist. Out with opulence, the screaming for attention look and in with a lot of skin, simple cuts and style. She describes her clothes as extremely wearable reflecting the personality of the wearer, asserting a quite, stylish and sexy confidence, a sharp whisper in a room full of loud people.

Aparna has tied up with the SAKS Group of Companies to manage and build her brand, execute business on her behalf, manage the merchandising, manufacturing and marketing and also work collaboratively in positioning the brand APARNA CHANDRA on a global scale. She is also a highly successful fashion stylist, and is responsible for the look of many high- profile advertising & promotional campaigns including `Ray-Ban`, `OCM Suitings`, `Orion Biscuits`, `The Hyatt Regency Hotel`, `Monte Carlo Sweaters`, `Van Heusen`, `Arrow`, `Gold Flake cigarettes`, `De Beers`, `Motorola`, `NumeroUno`, `Benetton`, `Seagrams`, `Whirlpool` amongst others.


Aparna Chandra Indian Fashion Designer Haute Couture, Bridal, Wedding
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